First Light Childcare Centre

First Light Childcare Centre is the provinces first and only Indigenous-run childcare centre. It provides childcare services to children ages 2-12 years of age, and is in the process of opening an infant room. 

The programming at First Light Childcare is developed based on the needs of the individual as well as the groups’ physical, emotional, social, intellectual and cultural needs, and often program facilitators from First Light, as well as guest speakers with special skills and/or cultural teachings to share with the children. Examples of cultural teachings include:

  • Igloo building
  • Powwow dancing
  • Elder visits
  • Indigenous storytelling
  • Teachings on First Nations sacred medicines (ex: smudging)
  • Snowshoeing
  • Hoop dancing 
  • Talking stick circles
  • Beading and other Indigenous crafts
  • First Nations and Inuit drumming
  • Inuit throat singing
  • Inuit games
  • Exposure to Indigenous languages
  • Discussion of fishing and hunting, with exposure to tangible objects like ice fishing sticks, moose antlers, and more
  • Teepee building (small version using sticks)
  • Building pretend fires and teachings on fire safety and wilderness survival
  • Information on the Inuit inuksuk
  • Innu tea doll teachings

For more information on First Light Childcare Centre, please contact Deb Ingram.

Additional Programs