Melanie Jacqueline x First Light

The inspiration for this collaboration came from the discovery of unmarked graves at residential school sites, when the rest of Canada became increasingly aware of the dark history and the degree of harm caused. In collaboration with First Light, Melanie Jacqueline has brought a support initiative to life by creating a brand-new collection to honor the Indigenous cultures and celebrate the spirit of friendship and community. 

Many Indigenous people struggle with celebrating the formation of a country that has forbidden our culture, caused the loss of our language, and tried to erase us from our lands. During a time of truth and reconciliation, we are constantly looking for those who take action; they are our allies.  Melanie Jacqueline has invested time, energy, and so much love into creating an initiative that will give back to the community. Launching this initiative on July 1st demonstrates true allyship by disrupting oppressive spaces and helping to educate others on the realities and histories of Indigenous peoples in Canada. This is more than a partnership, we are standing together for a better tomorrow.

– Stacey Howse, Executive Director, First Light

100% of profits will be donated directly to First Light, to support the development of the Residential School Memorial Garden at 40 Quidi Vidi Road, created by and for residential school survivors and Elders. 

If you’d like to make a donation directly to the memorial garden, you can do so online here: 

The orange heart designs are inspired by Orange Shirt Day, but can be worn any time of the year to show your support for decolonizing spaces, educating others, and recognizing Indigenous rights. For more information on Orange Shirt Day, check out our info page. 

First Light Executive Director (Stacey Howse) and Arts and Culture Coordinator (Sharon Harvey), along with Natalie Tuglavina modelled the line during a photoshoot directed by multi international award winning advertising and portrait photographer, David Howells.

Check out the full collection now at

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