Young Adults Program – Ball Hockey 🏑

Our Young Adults Program will meet at Northpoint Sports, #42 O’Leary Avenue on Sunday, June 26th for a fun game of Ball Hockey! Hockey sticks will be provided to all participants who need one! Just show up and play.
*Young Adults Program is for ages 18-30!

– This program/game is Co-Ed. Anyone is welcome to join!
– No experience is required. If you have a higher skill level please be mindful of that and be respectful of all participants! Everyone should get the opportunity to shoot the ball and have touches to help build their skills and confidence!
– First Light will provide sticks, balls, Jerseys & goaltender equipment. Not provided is helmets, gloves and shinguards. This equipment is not required but reccommended if you have it available! 

*If your preferred position is goaltender, equipment will be provided by First Light for the duration of the program. All equipment will be brand new, not used and sanitized! Please email [email protected] upon registration if this is the position you want to play.

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm