Food Services Coordinator

Food Services Coordinator

Reporting to: Director of Business Operations
Location: First Light Headquarters

The Food Services Coordinator is responsible for the planning and execution of the meal and refreshment needs of the organization. Under the direction of the Director of Business Operations, the Coordinator will supervise the Food Services team, allocate human resources accordingly, prepare grocery orders, menu planning, and assist with food prep and delivery to First Light facilities.

This role requires strong planning skills, cooking experience and exceptional customer service.

Core Skillset

  • Chef/Cook
  • Customer Service
  • Aboriginal Cooking
  • Event Planning/Coordination

Essential Responsibilities

  • Coordinate members of the Food Services team to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Prepare food in collaboration with the Food Services team where required.
  • Maintain the highest quality hygiene standards in all First Light licensed kitchens.
  • Maintain kitchen inspection logsfor all First Light licensed kitchens, while also logging refrigerator temperatures and address and resolving any items identified by the kitchen inspector.
  • Review and modify program menus on a quarterly basis in consultation with program staff to ensure compliance with Canada’s Food Guide and program needs and identify potential areas for cost savings while maintaining a high standard of food quality.
  • Participate in the interviewing, hiring, and evaluating of Food Services staff as necessary.
  • Purchase all groceries and supplies required to execute menus and keep an adequate inventory of supplies.
  • Transport food as required in collaboration with the Facilities team to appropriate First Light locations.

Position Details
Salary is $37,440 – $50,000 based on qualifications and experience.
Position is 40 hours / week. Full-time, permanent (with 6-month probationary period).
Health and Dental Insurance Coverage and RRSP program is available.

Please apply by sending resume and cover letter to: 
Breannah Tulk – Director of Business Operations – First Light
[email protected]